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Search Engine Optimization

seoWhat is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or (SEO = Search Engine Optimization) is the work you perform for increasing a website's visibility in the organic search on Google (and other search engines like Microsoft's Bing). The organic search on Google is the search result you get when Google lists pages in the order they consider most relevant to the user's search term. But this did you know probably already.

What you most probably do not know is that search engine optimization before (two or three years ago) and now two very different things. In the "old" days, one could easily get results by tricks some with titles and meta-The pond and although this is still important (only meta description), so it's not as important as before. Even backlinks (links back from other websites to your site) that were alpha omega've lost a lot of power. Can actually back links from bad (low-ranked) and not relevant websites give quite the opposite effect.

So here I will simply reveal the recipe for what good search engine optimization really. It is so simple that anyone can do it. It's no secret. There is no magic formula. Good search engine optimization consists namely now essentially two things.

  • Get your search term in the URL field
  • Make good to informative content and update your website regularly

Yes, this is the most important. But there is more you can do of course. And here I'm going to reveal a few things that you probably did not know.

Google prefers rapid and optimized web pages that are easy to search through. To achieve this, one can compress all of the JavaScript on the page, optimizing images or make Web pages more search engine friendly using updated technology HTML5 and CSS3.

Did you know that many now use their mobiles to search on Google? Yes so what, you say. Yes, Google will highlight mobile friendly websites in their search results in such searches. So maybe need your webpage a small upgrade?

And one last thing. Do you think Google through the browser Chrome and Google Analytics measures how long people are on your webpage to check if people like your page and find it interesting? Yes, we believe they do. Therefore it is important to design the page so that the reader does not disappear again a second or two. Here are the focus of images and compelling content on the landing page. With landing page, I mean the side to link to Google's search results and it is not always front.

So why should you then buy the services of a search engine optimization company like us as you now know all these things? For item 2 above (+ all the tricks that still works and) are time consuming. And one of the great on optimizing websites has been the often not empowered to do yourself. Yes, you want to get up on the first page of Google can sometimes be very time consuming. So even though some of this is easy, so it takes time. Images and content will be produced. Yes, we have spent nearly a year to get established websites on the first page of Google (popular keywords with high competition) because we like to do things the right way. Some could certainly have got results faster, but often it is not the permanent kind. Google 'sees through' the web in the long term and thus so breeds it down again and then it becomes harder to get it on again. Following the recent Google algorithm changes are actually very many frustrated the search engine optimization experts out there who now sits to twist his hair and wondering how to tell the customer that the web page that they paid 3000 dollars to get on the front now located on the side 8 and suddenly have zero value.

Well, we can search engine optimization and often a search engine mission will require the produced information to the web page, in fact, so we may need to create a brand new website for the customer that is 100% optimized for a particular search term. This is done in cooperation with you and everything is pre-priced way. We monitor Google's algorithm changes.

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