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Google AdWords

googleGoogle AdWords Advertising?

Google AdWords are search engine company's own advertising system. The genius of Google AdWords is that your ads appear only when performing relevant searches. Means you will not have to pay for unnecessary exposure to users who matter are looking for something different than what you might have to offer goods and services.

How It Works Google AdWords?

Google AdWords allows you to select keywords that are relevant to your products. These will result in your ads appear in search or other sites, mind you as long as no other that offers more than you per click in Google Adwords advertising system. The price per click is actually the same as advertising expense in Google AdWords, and your and others' willingness to pay determines the price from click to click.

But back to the search. If any part of your business for example is that you deliver fresh pastries in the surrounding area every morning, it would be beneficial if your ad in Google AdWords appear when searching for "delivery of fresh pastry." Your ad may also appear on other relevant sites in Google's network if desired.

Placements on other sites?

Google AdWords is not just limited to Google's own search page. Search engine giant owns other large sites like YouTube. Moreover, Google has built a giant network of partners. These are part of their so-called Display Network.

Google can automatically determine where your ads fit by matching your keywords with sites in their Display Network. Or, if you prefer to be in control, so you can choose the placements themselves.


  • Ad rank determines ad placement - where on the page the ad appears relative to other ads - and whether your ads eligible to be shown at all.
  • The main components of your ad rank is your bids and ad and website. We also take into account the expected impact of your extensions and other ad formats when calculating Ad Rank. When we calculate the expected impact of extensions and ad formats, we look at factors such as relevance, CTRs, and how visible extensions or formats are on the search results page. Although competitors are bidding more than you, you can still achieve a higher position - at a lower cost by using highly relevant keywords, ads and extensions.
  • Ad Rank is recalculated each time your ad is eligible to appear and compete in an auction. Therefore, your ad position vary from time to time depending on competition in the auction currently.

More about ad ranking and placement

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