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Your visitors will see some things differently depending on:
• Web browser
• screen resolution,
• settings of your computer and
• if the website appears on mobile or tablet computers.

We stock all sites with that in mind and check out how a webpage is displayed in all browsers, screen resolutions and mobile / tablet computers before publishing

Is your site responsive?

The modern Internet use is largely moved from desktop devices to the mobile. The fact that a user base largely using mobile phones and tablets makes your page should be optimized for this.

Users who encounter pages that are slow or poorly adapted to their use will often leave since already troupe on this.

In 2014 then bypasses mobile computers in the United States in Internet use for the first time, and this trend will undoubtedly continue. Several have a phone or tablet as a main unit for its use of the Internet, this shift in usage patterns must as a content provider customizable. WebDay offers customization, and development that enables your site is fast and appears to be good regardless of the end user's choice of platform.

Do I need a website?

There are many factors that influence this response. We live by web design so that our response quickly become biased, so instead we'll ask you some questions that may help you to answer the question yourself.

  • A website will be economically sensible and prudent?
  • Do you or your staff a lot of time to customer service?
  • Do you have customers who need to have information about you available 24-7?
  • Are your customers concerned about the environment? Would they prefer to receive information digitally or on paper?
  • Dishes you toward a local, national or global market?

With a dedicated website, you can share ideas and information about products and services to the world, available around the clock and all year round.

I like another company's website. Can I get something resembling?

If you find a site you like the look of or a page that has a feature you want on your side, you may mention it to the project. We will take this into account when creating your website. Our project team is very flexible and willing to do whatever it takes to make you remain a satisfied customer.

When pages are finished, who own pages with all content?

After completion and final approval of sites owned these to you. See contract.

How treat you confidential information?

Privacy and data is still a concern on the Internet today. As a licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Program, will WebDay always treat all information as confidential. We will never sell or share your personal information to any third party without your consent and knowledge. See our privacy policy.

What is Remote Assistance Support?

We provide support for the following priority:

checkboxLive support via our remote assistance system. Get in touch with us immediately and we will put support agreement to you via Internet remote assistance.

checkboxSupport pr. email. Your request will be placed in our monitoring system with reminder and deadline. You will get an answer to this during the next business day.

checkboxSupport via telephone. This option requires that you are a customer with us or price by agreement.

We can answer telephone service between 09:00 and 4:00 p.m. weekdays.

In a busy life, it can be difficult to reach us by phone. We recommend you to use our support email. Send an email through our support form, we guarantee you answer no later than one business day.


We can provide remote assistance if you live far away or otherwise more appropriate than that we come to you or that you come to us. A prerequisite is that you have an Internet connection.

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What are the payment terms? Is it possible to get your money refunded if the work be stopped?

If the project has begun and you decide to cancel, the maximum refund be 50%. If the project is more than 50% completed, defined by the project, there will be no refund. Of course WebDay always been proud of their satisfaction; so that if a problem arises with the design of your site, we will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the final product.

Can I upgrade from a smaller to a larger package?

Of course! If you want to start with a smaller package, and feel then that one of the larger packages are better suited to your needs is no problem. We can upgrade your web package by adding additional pages and features. All you have to do is pay the difference in price between the two packages, as well as ensure that the project know the content of the new pages; all text and features. It's as simple as that!

I have made a decision - I want you to develop my website. What do I do now?

If you have decided you simply fill out the contact / quote form. Then we will contact you and the process of developing your new website starts.

Content - What do I put on my website?

It will depend on your goals. Whether you run a business selling goods or services you need to write about these. You must include as much information that your customers can buy from you.

Why can not I find my site when I search for it?

All search engines will automatically search around the web for new and updated pages. They do this with a search robot that stores information on every Web page in a separate database / registry. When searching for your website through eg google it information from this register as shown.

When a search robot will be advised that your website exists, it may take several weeks to identify and store the website in this register. So - check the traffic on your pages - an increase of traffic may mean that a robot is built on your sites to identify the contents. We suggest you use Guaranteed Search Engine Submit. Your site can then be listed and visible on AOL, MSN and Overture During a few days.

Can I let you develop mine sites and then pick and use my own web space?

Yes, you can use your host you will. Once your pages are finished and approved by you, please give us your username and password so that we can upload web pages for you.

I use currently another company to save my website and want to switch over to WebDay hosting. How do I do this?

Fill out an inquiry and we will arrange the rest. We want to transfer the domain name along with the contents of all your existing sites.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the specific URL of your choice and you sign at Network Solutions. (The official registry of domain names ending in .com, .net, .edu, .gov and, etc) Our domain name is "".

Questions and Answers

faq-webdayMany people ask us if we can:

  • create a website,
  • create new sites, or
  • modify their existing websites.

They want us to create a brand new site or move their websites to a new webserver. Maybe they have questions regarding existing or new domain name. Here we have compiled the most common questions and our answers.

If you have a question that you can not find here, please feel free to contact us to discuss this. This also applies if you want to talk to us about the design, development or change of website hosting and maintenance of existing sites.

What is a URL?

URL stands for "Universal Resource Locator". It is the address typed in the browser to enter the website online. For example, type "" to gain access to our website. Here is "" our domain / domain while http: // (hypertext transfere protocol) specifies the Internet protocol used.

When my site is finished, you can offer a web space?

Yes, we have a web host for your web pages.

What if I do not like web design?

If you do not like the design we have outlined for you, we will discuss further with a view to determining what kind of design you want on your website. Then we will outline a new proposal that you can consider. Our goal is to design a website for you to suit your goals and requirements.

Will you show some banners or pop-up ads on my site?

Absolutely not! It's your website and you have total control over the content and who advertise on it.

Is there any training provided with Joomla?

Yes you get training on how to update your website via admisitrator. Number of hours of training regardless of how big the website.

If there is something you forgot you needed help when being in support hours.

Can I update the content on my web pages?

Yes you can update from your administrator is access to the Internet so you can update from anywhere in the world and from mobile or tablet.

Do I need to install any software to see how many visitors I have had on my website?

No, simply answer.

Can I see how many visitors I have had on my website?

Yes, we include a web query program that records including:
• where visitors are coming from
• which pages they visit,
• which search engine being used, and
• which statements were performed in which search engines.

Can I get emails with my website?

Yes, and you'll probably want to set up multiple e-mail addresses f.eks This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can WebDay do everything with web design and hosting?

Yes WebDay can perform all services associated with a website, we can:
• register your domain name,
• design and create the site,
• organize your email accounts for you,
• providing hosting and
• help you when you have problems.

Do you guarantee that my website will always be available?

No suppliers can guarantee 100% uptime, but our servers have had 100% uptime for many years. Should servers have problems, we have the necessary backups in place so the issue can be dealt with quickly.

Will everyone who visits my website look the same?

Your visitors will see some things differently depending on:
• Web browser
• screen resolution,
• settings of your computer and
• if the website appears on mobile or tablet computers.

We stock all sites with that in mind and check out how a webpage is displayed in all browsers, screen resolutions and mobile / tablet computers before publishing

When my site is ready-made, I am as dependent upon WebDay conducting maintenance or updates?

No absolutely not. Once your site is ready-made belong to you and you can decide who should carry out maintenance or updates for you - although we of course would like to believe that you are satisfied with our services and will continue to use us for the necessary maintenance of your website .

Read more about our maintenance services.

How do I update my web pages?

If you have a small website consisting of a few pages that rarely change, it is often cost effective that we make these changes for you.
Other solutions are largely dependent on how much information and pictures you have and how it is stored today. We offer:

  • Joomla-CMS, an on line content management system, where you update the individual products / pages / services, or
  • an opportunity to read the information from an existing database.

I hear that there are often hidden costs when developing websites. Is this true?

No. We will work with you to identify your needs that will form the basis for the price. All prices will be specified in the contract.

If I choose a Content Management System (CMS) can I be sure that my websites are search engine friendly?

Yes, with Joomla CMS is all sites search engine friendly - you can even create your own tags to each site that is sought if desired. CMS tool is easy to use - efficient and intuitive. WebDay also offered to make your pages ....

Will my website be search engine friendly?

All our sites are set in terms of search engines and created within their guidelines. It's a good idea to periodically evaluate whether your website is related to search engines' guidelines as these often change their rules and algorithms.

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In what format should I deliver text and images?

Text and images are delivered in electronic form - such as images in the same electronic format from a camera and text in MS Word or a similar format. If this is not possible, we can help to get the information ready for use on the website.

When my pages are done, what then?

We are always available if problems arise or network solution requires an extension. We can maintain your site so that it is always current and accurate.

Read more about our maintenance agreement and operating agreement.

How often do we meet in connection with the development of my website?

How often do we have to meet to develop your website linked to the complexity; it is a sophisticated side with a lot of information and functions, some meetings will be required.

If your page is less complicated it may in many cases prove that a meeting is not required. A large part of the contact with the customer can take place via e-mail and telephone. We can lay out a proposal for setting up a private area where only you and us may see the contents. We will deal with you feedback rounds to ensure that the design and functionality is exactly how you want.

How long does it take to create my website?

The timeframe for design and development of a website is often set by the customer. If you have a deadline in mind we will try to reach it for you. To be finished on time, it is important that all content, both text and images, is delivered on time.

Why have we chosen Joomla?

There are three major open source CMS tools today, Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. WordPress is the most popular and has a user friendly administrative tools designed for simple blogs. Creating a large-featured website with Wordpress CMS is very time consuming and difficult.

Joomla and Drupal are much more advanced and falls more properly in the "real CMS". Drupal developers and "Scandinavia's platform", there are other words for those who love to write a lot of code. It is more complicated and time consuming to install, configure and customize Drupal. Even for retail Drupal harder to manage. Because of this, it is often much more development.

drupal-joomla-wordpressJoomla fall in between these two by being a very powerful and flexible solution, but still have the simplicity and ease of use is the focus. We believe Joomla certainly have found a perfect balance. There is also the fact that the development cycle to create a website with Joomla (from start to launch website) is significantly shorter than the others said CMS tools. In this way we get on WebDay more time to make your website attractive and easy to use without limiting ourselves with the features and capabilities. If you choose Joomla as CMS tools to get more for your money!

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I already have a website that needs an update, can you help me?

Yes, please contact us so we can look at your website and give you a quote to update this.

How many pages can I have on my website?

As many as you want, as many as suits your needs. Read more about our web package.

Extensions for Joomla!


There are over 9,400 extensions for Joomla. Most of them are free, and a few have to pay a small sum for.

What extensions exist?

  • Components for major expansions as commerce, discussion forums etc.
  • Modules for viewing content - slideshow, menus, news shows etc.
  • Plugins for extensions of the Joomla system - Automatic image resizing etc.
  • Web 2.0 extensions - extensions that integrate second nettaplikasjoner in Joomla! Examples include display of images from the flick, Video from YouTube or comments from Facebook or Twitter.

Where to find extensions?

The extensions developed by third parties and marketed via them, but you can find all extensions on Joomla official website.

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