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About WebDay

We would be pleased to work with you to introduce you to the solutions available through us in the field of Information Technology. Established in 2011, WebDay is one of the pioneers in providing Web and network infrastructure and solutions on various platforms. Web &IT Solutions has been patronized by the corporate world since inception.

You can take the help of Web and I.T. Solutions in solution specification finalization according to your application requirement, country wide installation, and make use of its post sales support.

You can get software based solutions for Websites ,networks, file servers, database servers, web application servers, system management servers, content management, e-security, and a host of other solutions including storage & backup management from one place itself rather than patching up different vendors or integrators.

Whether you are a small and medium enterprise or a large corporate customer with dispersed nationwide networks, we understand that you require a high level of support at both pre-sales and post-sales levels which you can access through our certified engineers. You can be assured of a quality.


Why WebDay

A good website should be visually appealing, easy to read and promotional. Meanwhile, a new online solution reducing the amount of manual work throughout including integrations with other IT systems. WebDay is designed for just this, with full freedom of choice when implementing design, easy to integrate and courage, as well as effective when it comes to developing tailored functionality to the site. WebDay creates business value for your organization.



Our Services

Retina-ready screens
So what does the term "Retina Ready" really mean? There is a phrase coined by Apple using the iPhone 4. The screen size of the iPhone4 is 3.5 "with a resolution of 960 times 640 pixels. At this resolution, at an optimal viewing distance, struggling the human eye to distinguish individual pixels, so the technology was labeled retina display.

Responsive Design Layout
Responsive web design is rapidly evolving, but there are a handful of established as works well across desktop and mobile devices...

Web Shopping compatibility with all devices
Online store which can be purchased from the mobile optimized website designed especially for a smartphone or tablet, not a desktop or laptop computer. A mobile optimized website does not require any pinch and zoom to read text.

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